Who is MOTI?

Our Beverages were created by Moti Bakhtiari, the namesake of our brand. Moti began preparing rosewater and saffron beverages in her Back Bay restaurant in the late 90’s. Her recipes were inspired by her mother, and ancient Persian and Arab blends using rose water and saffron, which were traditionally prepared to heal and rejuvenate.
A few years later, founders Mehdi Rahmani (Moti’s son) and Ahmed Al-Qassimi, took her popular drink and turned it into a widely available, ready-to-drink beverage. Their mission was simple: bottle what Moti had given them; a delicious and refreshing beverage, using ingredients which come directly from the earth – and make it available to the public.

What We Believe

Nature matters.

We want to help the world reduce plastic waste and consumption. We have made a commitment to manufacture our beverages using environmentally friendly raw materials. In addition, we strive to use ingredients that are not processed, or are very lightly processed.

Community is important.

Community is everything to us; our products were inspired by a woman who embodies the word. We strive to connect with the communities where Moti is offered; this is a big part of why we distribute directly when our manpower enables us – in order to see our buyers, and be a part of their business family.

Respecting our roots.

We are proud to be a Boston-based business, and an American brand. We are also proud of our roots, where we draw much inspiration for our products.

Carry us in

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